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I see the goofy, happy face on the tree trunk. The branches and leaves swinging to the rhythm. Smiling rocks nestled beside a dancing brook filled with leaping fish, all humming the same tune.

A bouncing rabbit setting the beat. A scampering squirrel rounding out the percussion section. Singing chipmunks skipping through the swaying grass. A bobbing fox whistling along to the glorious melody. The vibrant flowers and lush ferns forming the colourful chorus. The joyful noise magnificent in its harmony.

A symphony of praise.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." Psalm 150:6

The message in this last verse in the book of Psalms is clear. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Uh oh. As beautiful as my Disney-like vision is to me, there is something significant missing. Me. When I close my eyes and add myself to the scene, I peacefully appear among these delightful living creatures. Wearing a princess gown and holding a warbling songbird in my hand. I’m smiling, but …

Back up. Try again. Where is my singing? Dancing? Tambourine playing? Where is my praise? Why am I a spectator of this jubilant celebration rather than being an active participant?

I stand in awe. As would nearly anyone who stumbled upon this paradise. Can you imagine the magnitude of being able to behold every living, breathing creature praising God with singing, dancing and playing of instruments? The thought makes me tingle in gratitude and wonder.

A thankful heart. I have a thankful heart. But that is not praise. To praise the Lord is to glorify, to worship. It is an action verb. An expression of admiration and gratitude. It is the next level. A step closer to God.

Let. The invitation to draw closer to the Lord. The opportunity is provided. It is encouraged. With no stipulations. With no instructions on how or in what circumstances. Just let. Just come with praise. Whatever that looks like. Whatever that sounds like. Always. Continually. As long as I have breath.

I find that comforting. My praise is for the Lord. For who He is. For what He has done. It is the expression of my heart. Not yours. And yours is not mine. It is a sound, sometimes loud, sometimes a whisper, sometimes joyful, sometimes soul wrenching. And yet it all blends together to bring delight to the heart of God.

I still like the idea of frolicking, friendly, singing animals. But what I am thankful for, what I will praise God for, is His gentle, caring nudge reminding me to join His creation in a life of praise.


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Julie Veilleux about 3 years ago

Oh WOW!!! wow, wow, wow! That was incredible! You are devotional writer Cindy McLean! WOW!!!
Almost speechless! Thank you for blessing me today, this morning and every day my friend!

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