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There are many Advent and Christmas songs that are meaningful to me. Many have beautiful, comforting, haunting, or joyful music and lyrics. Some are wonderful discoveries I’ve made in recent years. A lot of them are songs I grew up listening to with my mom, like the songs on the three Amy Grant Christmas albums I listen to often every Christmas season. I really enjoy listening to these albums because of the songs and especially because of the memories and connection with my mom.

There’s a line from one of Amy Grant’s songs that has stood out to me over the last couple years. It comes from the song “Christmas Lullaby.” The song starts with “Are you far away from home/This dark and lonely night” and is followed by the line I like:

Tell me what best would help
To ease your mind
Someone to give
Direction for this unfamiliar road
Or one who says, "Follow me and
I will lead you home"

This is a beautiful distinction. Receiving directions can be helpful and is sometimes all that’s needed, but in a dark and lonely night, being lead home is a significant difference. It provides comfort, care, refuge, and protection.

The song goes on to identify Christ the Saviour as gently saying to one and all:

Child you can follow Me
And I will lead you home
Trust Me and follow Me
And I will lead you home

I am thankful for our Saviour who not only provides direction, but who also stays with us and who leads us. Thanks be to God. Amen.



Cindy over 3 years ago

Well, just so you know, I actually have four Amy Grant Christmas albums so you seem to be missing one! Seriously though, I haven't listened to this song as attentively as you have and never really absorbed the lyrics. You are so right that it is a beautiful distinction between being given direction and being led home. Thank you for sharing this song and providing me the opportunity to pause and reflect. Yes, thanks be to God.

Julie Veilleux over 3 years ago

Beautiful song! Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard it before. I love your take in it

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