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I have a story on this a few times it has come around in my life where I had to pray on it. One time it was with one of my sons. He had an accident at school which he ended up with stiches in his wrist. But it could have been worse. He told me later what had happened. It was called being bullied. He told me the names of who they were. Well you could imagine what went through my mind in the end? Though I forgave and told my son to as well. We just went on with our lives. To forgive even when they don't say nothing is to allow ourselves peace.

Another time it happened at my work place. A co-worker who was in the wrong. Well I told them it was against rules. So, they felt I was wrong and should bend rules so decided to get me fired without my knowledge or management's. She went higher up. Well all my co-workers felt I should be angry and not talk to her. Later I got called into the office. I thought well guess I’m fired. In amazement nope. But I was told the district manager wanted the other employee fired but was leaving it up to me since it was I that was the target in their complaint to the above. I told the boss to keep them for they needed the job. End result many years later they apologized. Wow!!




Cindy almost 4 years ago

You've nailed it. Forgiving those who have hurt us or our loved ones brings us healing and can and should be extended regardless of whether or not they apologize to us or do anything to show remorse or repentance for their behaviour. As you stated, forgiveness allows our heart to receive peace. Unforgiveness doesn't leave any room for our healing from the hurt or betrayal. And that just magnifies the pain. The choice to forgive is ours, not the other person's. Thank you for sharing.

Julie Veilleux almost 4 years ago

Lynn, thank you for sharing your stories of forgiveness and release to move on!! Everyone has a choice! And when we make the choice to forgive those who trespasses against us - God does the rest!

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