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I wanted to share this story to The Writing Room as it is a memory that I think about when something seems impossible or when God asks me to do something crazy and I hope it brings you joy and a sense of adventure. It’s a memory of my time in high school and it came up the other day when I was asked by my current church here in Moose Jaw to “share something you’ve done that you think no one else in our church has done”. In thinking about the story for the past week I’ve realized something that I want to point out ahead of time that I hope can bring some encouragement. Everyone brings unique experiences, unique gifts, character traits, something of value to the team. My friend group in high school was pretty amazing and when I look back at this memory I know that without any one of the four of us the ending would have been different. Our group consisted of someone with the idea, someone with a no quit attitude, someone with access to the necessary equipment, and someone who made it feel like an adventure with a little bit of risk which made it more exciting. We weren’t doing something that God asked us to do. Which makes it even more clear to me today that when God wants you to do something he’ll provide what you need and the people to do it alongside, you just have to go for it!

And now the story,

I did not own a kite, my friends did not own a kite, but it was a nice day out. My friend group decided we wanted to fly a kite. I would imagine most people would choose this option over participating in their high school science class on a day like that one. We certainly did. (Sorry Mr.P)

Each of us proceeded to find ways to sneak out of class. Bathroom, book in locker, whatever excuse that worked. We made it out. Now to convince our one friend in the grade higher than us to join us in the adventure. We thought he might own the kite we would need. Turns out he didn’t need much convincing to leave his class and join our merry squad. Together the four of us made it outside. Sadly he did not own a kite but there was a good chance his little brother did and he thought he might know where it was stored…

We left the school parking lot with a plan. We were determined.

At our friends house we searched high and low for the kite. It was eventually found hiding in a bucket underneath the stereotypical things you’d find in a one car garage. It was time to celebrate our freedom by flying that kite!

Alas, there remained an unforeseen obstacle which should have been considered much earlier in the story. It was dead quiet. No trees moving with their newfound leaves, nothing, not even a hint of a gentle breeze. Others may have seen this obstacle and moved on to another activity. Others may have headed back to their school. But not me and my friend group. Oh no, we were a determined bunch. We needed to make wind.

How does one make wind to fly a kite? Good question.

We lived in the country so we had country roads that could take us home to the place where we belonged. We didn’t want to go home though and we really didn’t want to go back to the school so we drove to the middle of nowhere in our one friend’s car. Still no wind. But we had open space, our car’s cd player blasting our favourite Beatles tunes, and the ability to drive with our windows down.

I had the string, my friend had the kite body and out the window it went. After a few attempts we were all surprised when it worked! Our kite was flying! It was glorious, we were doing the impossible, our goal was accomplished! Our celebration was boisterous and memorable! Although it was a short lived one…

Sometimes, the middle of nowhere still has power-lines.



Cindy almost 4 years ago

This story did make me smile! You have always had a wonderful way of bringing joy to the people around you, just as you did that day with your friends, and are again in the retelling of this experience to all of us reading it.

Even though this is a lighthearted, fun story, it is a great example of teamwork and people working together to accomplish a task. That is a skill and gift that God has provided you and continues to use in your ministry and current community. Your joy and enthusiasm is infectious and moves people to action in furthering God's kingdom on earth alongside and with you. I'm sure there are many more stories like this to come! But maybe not with anymore power lines.....

Julie Gail Veilleux almost 4 years ago

Hilarious! And I bet the parents of the 'friend group' never knew you missed school! I was waiting for the ending that I knew was coming! But one question still remains..... did the 'little brother' ever know what became of his kite??

Kyle almost 4 years ago

Thanks for the comments!

I never heard anything from the brother about the kite. We did try to get it out of the power line using crutches that one of my friends had during the adventure. Never happened.

I don't know if any of the parents knew. Our teacher did end up asking "And where were you?" to which we replied "flying a kite" with straight faces. I don't know if he believed us or not but there were no negative consequences. I wish he knew what he was thinking when we said that...

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