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Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed listening to music, especially a good catchy song that I could remember the words and sing along to. I find that singing and being in that moment when you're listening to a really good song, lifts your mood and is a good distraction from whatever is troubling us in our lives.

One of my favourite songs of all time is "Let It Be" by The Beatles. This song in particular has helped me get through a lot of the difficult times in my life. I love the message and meaning in this song. It also has a spiritual element to it, as Mother Mary is mentioned in this song, and she is speaking "words of wisdom".

I find that music is very therapeutic, especially when trying to manage my lifelong battle with anxiety and depression. I like listening to songs that are upbeat and positive. I also enjoy listening to gospel music.

The one type of song that I avoid listening to is a sad song. Songs about lost love, heartbreak, and loss. Songs of this type always take me back to my past failures and unhappy moments in my life. Especially the unpleasant ending of my 5 year relationship with my girlfriend a few years ago. A lot of painful memories, and a lot of hurt, still. 

One of the things I really like and enjoy about the Sunday Worship Service at Abundant Life Chapel is the music and singing. It has that positive, uplifting element to it that makes you feel good inside. And it always makes me feel better about myself and about life.



Kristen over 1 year ago

Yes, music is meaningful! It can be fun and light. It can really go deep and reach the soul. There are songs that remind me of different times in my life or bring back certain feelings. There are different moods or genres for all occasions. I have an upbeat playlist for cleaning and a subdued one for when I'm going through hard times. Music can help lift our hearts to God in worship. I'm glad you've also connected with the wonders of music.

Kyle over 1 year ago

Nick I'd love to hear what songs from Sunday Morning Services are meaningful to you and why. Do you have a favourite song that is sung in church?

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