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A gem. That’s how a friend described this verse when I excitedly shared it with her. It had touched the sweet spot in her soul, just as it had mine with its tender, desperate, yet hopeful words.

“Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.” Psalm 143:8.

At the time, I was in the raw early stages of a recovery process filled with pain and uncertainty. I was wounded and hurting. No longer able to numb and suppress my emotions. No longer able to pretend that everything was fine when there had been no fine for a very long time. I was done, but I had little understanding and expectation of what might replace my doneness.

However, I also had the desire to heal my shattered heart and life. I was eager to seize any spark of hope offered to me. Especially God’s hope. Even in my darkness, I always knew where my source of light came from. Or rather Who.

Just like David when he cried out these words to God. The same God that I was pleading with now. This was David’s desperate prayer in the midst of his hopelessness, fear and depression. It could be mine too. I was already drawing comfort and strength from this glimpse into the hearts of David and our shared Lord.

I wrote this scripture on sticky notes for both my kitchen and my work office space. And then I memorized these precious words so they would always be dearly tucked in my heart. Always ready to be breathed.

Let the morning. A new day. As the sun rises with fresh opportunity for hope, mercy, healing, redemption. Not wasting a moment of time once I awaken and open my eyes.

Bring me word. I want, and need, to hear God’s voice and assurance as this new day unfolds and stretches before me.

Of Your unfailing love. God’s love and care for me is unshakeable, constant, everlasting, limitless, never changing, not capable of disappointing or lacking in any way. Extravagant, perfect and flawless.

For I have put my trust in You. God is reliable, dependable, trustworthy, faithful. He is the only One with whom my heart, soul and mind are truly safe. Others will disappoint and hurt me, but God never will. He can’t.

Show me the way I should go. I’m confused and uncertain. Weary and scared. My prayer for guidance to do the right thing that will honour and please God and allow Him to work in me and through me. My desire to be where God wants me to be.

For to You I lift up my soul. An affirmation and promise that I will daily choose to offer myself to God. With hope and expectation for God to welcome and embrace every part of my being. Because He always does and always will.

This scripture reaches deep into my soul every time I whisper these words. It steadies my shaky feet and strengthens me from the inside out. It calms my spirit and eases my mind. It assures me that I will be okay. No matter what or if ….

I will be okay because God’s loving kindness and mercy is waiting for me at the dawn of every day. I will be okay because God is who He says He is. I will be okay because I desire to know what God’s will is for my life. I will be okay because God will give me the courage and ability to walk in His will if that is what I choose.

My precious morning prayer. A priceless gem of hope, comfort and strength. May it be yours too.



Kyle 8 days ago

Morning has broken:

Cindy Cindy 8 days ago

Oh wow, Kyle. I'm not sure if you even knew this or not, or remembered, but this link to the Third Day version of Morning Has Broken that you shared is the exact song that we played five years ago at the end of our vow renewal ceremony. A friend of mine sang it at our wedding twenty five years earlier! I never previously connected the significance of this song with my love of this scripture. They are so beautifully intertwined that I am holding back the tears as I write this. Thank you for this special reminder of how wondrously and magnificently God has cared for my heart.

Julie Veilleux 8 days ago

What a wonderful scripture! You broke it down so beautifully!! I am writing it down and memorizing it!

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