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Welcome to The Writing Room, a place to meet, connect with and receive a glimpse into the hearts and lives of the people of Abundant Life Chapel. It is my desire to create a place of community where our souls can mingle as we walk this part of our life journeys together. Paths that have taken each of us far and wide spiritually, emotionally and physically to places we never expected to be, have now brought us together at this time and place. You are not alone. None of us are. Our Heavenly Father is right beside each of us every moment of the day, holding our hands while He wipes the tears from our eyes or leads us in a happy dance of victory. But He also grants us His presence here on earth through other people. Through you and through me.

It is my hope that you will find inspiration, strength, comfort, hope, joy, a deepening faith and a growing understanding of God’s amazing grace and love through the voices in this sanctuary. If you are here to read, thank you for choosing to spend some of your time with us. Please help us build a sense of community by leaving a comment of appreciation and support on the posts you have read.

I invite and encourage anyone who has been connected in some way to Abundant Life Chapel to share your stories of gratitude, healing, victory or answered prayer so that we can celebrate together. Your insights and reflections on a scripture, devotion, book, movie or song that has been particularly meaningful to you so that we can learn alongside and from you. Your stories of what you are learning about yourself and God as you adapt to life changes that affect your education, job, parenting, marriage, relationships, mental health, etc. so that we can encourage and support each other.

Your voice matters and is meant to be heard.

Submissions to The Writing Room:

  • Must be original content. Short quotations may be provided for reference but must be attributed to the material from which it was taken. Please refrain from including long excerpts. The intent of this blog is to engage with each other rather than published writers.
  • May be an article, poem, song or other form of written word.
  • Will be identified by first name only. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your email submission. However, the administrator will need to confirm that you are connected to the Abundant Life Chapel church family before posting on the blog.
  • Should be emailed to and will then be posted to the Abundant Life Chapel blog by the administrator.
  • Will be a blessing to you as you write and share your heart, and to those of us who will have the honour and privilege of receiving it.


 Cindy McLean

 Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later. Revelation 1:19

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